Complement Colors Violet and Yellow

Purple Steps is a 11×15″ watercolor expression painting that mainly uses the complementary colors violet and yellow.

purple steps watercolor painting


Using only watercolor and gouache paint for competitions

I have always liked to line and/or outline some of my shapes in paintings. Always have been known more for being a line/shape painter rather than letting value define shapes and form. So if you have looked at some of my recent watercolors, there are some lines and outlines of my shapes.

The reason I am mentioning this is because I want to eventually enter some watercolor art competitions and exhibitions. The rules for submitting pieces in the watercolor category of these events require that all the paint on paper is water soluble. I have been using watercolors and gouache, but using acrylic paint for the lines because you won’t lose them or mix if you put a glaze over. So I am dropping the acrylics in the watercolor paintings and will use more gouache and thicker watercolor for the lines. There is a big difference.

Beach Pond

Beach Pond watercolor painting

DESERT BEACH Original Expression Watercolor Painting

Finally after a month and a half of getting away, got back to making some art. It has been so hot and unusually muggy in Phoenix this summer, it justs drains you to get inspired to do anything.

This is my effort on refining or practice my watercolor skills.

DESERT BEACH 11×14″ on 11×15″ 140# watercolor paper

Desert Beach Watercolor Painting

Stretching Watercolor Paper by stapling sides down

In my quest to get better at watercolors, I was having a difficult time with the paper buckling because of my aggressiveness with the water and loose expressive style, in other words, not being neat and tidy.

So I tried soaking the paper and then stapling it down to a wood board. It works pretty good and the paper stayed flat, but the paper tore at the bottom through the staples and started to buckle down there.

Lesson learned:
1) make sure you leave plenty of extra room around your eventual picture plane. You can see I can no longer use this painting as a 11×14″ because of the torn parts and when you take the staples out. With this extra paper, I will not put the staples so close to the edges.

desert mirage watercolor painting

desert mirage painting paper