Watercolor Painting with a Video Camcorder Overhead

I painted Orange Cove seascape painting on a 15×22″ Arches cold press watercolor paper. I have made some art dvds in the past and wanted to check out a way for me to shoot a video sitting down.

The video came out blurry and not sharp, lighting wasn’t good, part of my head was poking into the camera, not ready for prime time youTube. I have other videos at youTube, type in seascapeKen, with no space, into their search engine. No watercolor videos yet. The painting took 1 hour and 5 minutes to shoot.

Below is a couple of pics of my trial set up for video. The painting came out okay, watercolor expression, pic of my dolly and a shot from the camera.

Orange Cove
seascape watercolor painting

Orange Cove Studio
camcorder watercolor studio

Orange Cove shot from camera
Orange Cove camera shot


Watercolor Expression Palm Tree

I walk into my studio or sit down with my new watercolor table and I don’t have any pre-conceived ideas about what to paint. When I load the first brush with paint, I start to lay down paint and that’s when I might decide to paint recognizable shapes and objects. So I let the painting happen but I am more concerned about making the color scheme and color temperatures work then I am about value.

This is how the first painting happened, a palm tree came to mind and this one came out from the canvas. The second painting was finding colors that worked and then turned into what it is when I drew some lines in.

Single Palm
Watercolor palm tree

Around the Bend
Around the Bend expression painting

Working with Watercolor Greens

Mixing green color or straight from the tube? Unlike red (cadium red) or blue (cobalt blue), I haven’t been able to find one color of green to work as a foundation to change tones and hues with. But for a lot of years I have worked with two, sap green and viridian green. Sap green has more yellow in it and viridian green has more blue in it. Make sure you get a sap green brand that is dark, a lot of them come medium value. Then I mix in more blue or yellow for shade/light and color temperature or reds to slightly mute it or take it all the way to browns.

The first painting I worked with the greens a lot. The second one didn’t work out how I had envisioned, as the wet in wet technique got out of control in the sky. Paper crumbled and forced the water into puddles.

Private Creek
landscape expression painting

Sun Clouds
watercolor expression painting

Full Sheet Seascape Watercolor Painting

With watercolor painting, at least how you buy your watercolor paper sheets, a full sheet is 22×30″, a half sheet is 15×22″ and a quarter sheet is 11×15″.

A full sheet is quite large. If you get it matted and framed (usually with a glass cover), it can be fairly expensive, but makes a very nice piece in a living room or bedroom.

This is a full sheet I did, hard to keep the paper from buckling, but fun to paint, because you can use big brushes and have some fun.

Shore Wave

full sheet watercolor painting

watercolor seascape painting

Learning the mechanics of watercolor painting.

Still trying to get mechanics down of soaking the paper, taping it down, not soaking the paper, wetting it after it is taped down. I’m seeing that controlling the water is the most important thing in watercolors.

Coast Color
coast color watercolor painting

Rock Crush
rock crush watercolor seascape painting

Sold one of my new seascape watercolor expression paintings yesterday. Hopefully many more to come.

Red Eye
Red Eye Seascape watercolor

Desert Watercolor Expression Painting

I live in the desert and love the desert, but I don’t get the urge or comfort painting it, that I do for seascapes. I guess it is the 40 years I have spent living on or near the beach.

When I do paint the desert, it is usually an expression painting with lots and lots of color.

Desert Color

desert expression watercolor painting