Purple Rocks Watercolor Seascape

Another attempt at a half sheet. I use a 2″ flat wash brush for most of the layout. A #6 round for the finer lines and #12 red sable round for medium strokes.

A full sheet of watercolor paper is 22×30″, half 15×22″, quarter 11×15″. Alizarin crimson and prussian blue make the purple rocks.



Girl feeding the seagulls in acrylics

This is a girl feeding the seagulls in acrylics. It was a cold day so her face seemed to turn the color of the seagulls.

Seagull Acrylic Painting

Lake Mead and Colorado River Paintings

These two expression watercolor paintings reminded me of when I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was a professor of graphic arts at the local community college for six years. I had a boat and traveled around Lake Mead, up and down the Colorado river to the entrance to the Grand Canyon.

Lake Mead
lake mead expression watercolor

Colorado River
colorado river watercolor

Watercolor Painting with a Video Camcorder Overhead

I painted Orange Cove seascape painting on a 15×22″ Arches cold press watercolor paper. I have made some art dvds in the past and wanted to check out a way for me to shoot a video sitting down.

The video came out blurry and not sharp, lighting wasn’t good, part of my head was poking into the camera, not ready for prime time youTube. I have other videos at youTube, type in seascapeKen, with no space, into their search engine. No watercolor videos yet. The painting took 1 hour and 5 minutes to shoot.

Below is a couple of pics of my trial set up for video. The painting came out okay, watercolor expression, pic of my dolly and a shot from the camera.

Orange Cove
seascape watercolor painting

Orange Cove Studio
camcorder watercolor studio

Orange Cove shot from camera
Orange Cove camera shot

Watercolor Expression Palm Tree

I walk into my studio or sit down with my new watercolor table and I don’t have any pre-conceived ideas about what to paint. When I load the first brush with paint, I start to lay down paint and that’s when I might decide to paint recognizable shapes and objects. So I let the painting happen but I am more concerned about making the color scheme and color temperatures work then I am about value.

This is how the first painting happened, a palm tree came to mind and this one came out from the canvas. The second painting was finding colors that worked and then turned into what it is when I drew some lines in.

Single Palm
Watercolor palm tree

Around the Bend
Around the Bend expression painting